The gas powered GD7200 Auger powerhead has a 71 cc engine. The GD7200 Auger makes it easy to quickly dig holes for fence posts, signs, landscaping and soil sampling due to the immense power the machine generates reducing operator effort and fatigue. The GD7200 Auger takes the back-breaking work out of outdoor construction and lets you make consistently even post holes in all types of soil.  


  • Price includes 1 free any size bit!
  • 4 foot bits available in 6 8 10 and 12 Inch
  • Anti-vibration foam grip handlebars
  • Power through tough soil 
  • Control earth removal with fast drilling speeds up to 320 RPM 
  • Oil lubricated spur gear with double gear reduction  
  • Easy-view fuel tank  
  • EPA certified 

GD7200 Auger 71CC

    • Model no: GD7200  
    • Engine model no: 1E50F  
    • Engine type: 2 Stroke  
    • Displacement: 71 cc  
    • Power: 2.4 kw  
    • Gasoline 2 cycle mix ratio: 40:1  
    • Ignition sytem: C.D.I  
    • Weight: 9.8 kg (without auger bit)  
    • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 L