This plate compactor has undergone a 15 point inspection is ready to get work.  


The plate compactor has a tapered bottom and edges for high speed and excellent maneuverability. The price includes a water kit, wheel kit, lifting handles and hook. It is also designed with a oil change indicator enabling the engine to last much longer than other models. The plate is composed of ductile iron. 




  • Engine compression ~ 100%
  • Speed ~100%
  • High-strength components keep machine weight down and allow for easy handling.
  • Foldable handle offers superior maneuverability to operate the plate under obstacles and for storage.
  • Tough, wear resistant ductile iron base plate offers durability and shock resistance.

18 Inch Plate Compactor + Water Kit + Wheel Kit

    • Model: 18P
    • Engine: air-cooled, 4 cycle, single cylinder, gasoline 6.5 hp engine
    • Weight: 196.2 lbs
    • Centrifugal force lbfs: 3375
    • Base Plate: 18 x 22
    • Hp: 6.5
    • Advance travel ft/min: 82