The BR1570 Reversible Compactor is the smallest unit that Bartell manufactures. Due to its small size, this unit can be used for a variety of applications making this model very versatile.


The BR1570 can be used for not only general compaction applications but also where space is an issue. This unit can easily stand in place of many popular forward plates because of the comparative cost and as a bonus you get the increased production of the reversible features.


The BR1570 can help increase your profits in many ways due to its versatility and cost.




  • 1570 kg of Compaction Force
  • LIghtweight – 177 lbs
  • Honda Power
  • Robust design
  • Compact plate size
  • Smallest plate size in a reversible compactor on the market today

  • Fully hydraulic reversing mechanism with flexible maneuverability allows the machine forward, backward, and spot-on compaction

  • Cast aluminum throttle lever on handle for convenient control

  • Built in lifting bale for increased engine and guide hook protection

  • Cast aluminum belt cover for increased clutch and engine longevity

  • Ductile iron bases for increased strength and durability

  • Wheels that attach and flip down for easy transportation

  • Full speed in both forwards and reverse

Bartell BR1570 Reversible Plate Compactor

C$3,959.99 Regular Price
C$3,599.99Sale Price
    • Engine Honda GX160 
    • Power Output 4.8hp (3.6kW)
    • Compaction Force 3461 lbf,15 kN, 1570 kgf
    • Max Travel Speed 82’/min (25m/min)
    • Width 14” (350 mm) 14”
    • Height (1066 mm ) 42”
    • Length (480 mm) 19”
    • Weight 177lbs (80kg)
    • Plate Size 14” x 19” (350mm x 480mm)