Bartell’s combination blades are now 20% thicker at no extra cost, providing a longer lasting, more durable trowel blade. With less down time and less materials used, the contractor will save on money and time.




  • Combination blades are a combination of float and finish blades, and therefore can both float and finish concrete
  • Featuring a floating edge that is pitched upwards for floating allowing fresh concrete to flow under the blade, and a flat finishing edge for finishing
  • The operator does not have to stop and change blades on each rotor for each operation
  • However, they are not as efficient as the blades that are specifically designed for these jobs
  • One side of the blade is used for floating, the other side for finishing
  • Normally only used by small contracts where a high quality finish is required but not a "super flat finish" would be needed

Bartell Grizzly 36 Inch Power Trowel Combination Blades

C$134.99 Regular Price
C$119.99Sale Price
    • Number of blades: 4
    • Blade size: 8" x 14"