• Extremely high removal rates
  • 55hp 1.6l Kubota lpg engine
  • Easily fits through any standard doorway or onto elevators


The workhorse in floor removal technology, the 55HP Terminator T-5500PRO is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding removal project. The newly updated T-5500PRO is the most advanced flooring removal machine on the market.

Utilizing Innovatech’s unique “Cool Flow” hydraulic system, dual joystick design, integrated swivel head, and 15 years of experience the T-5500PRO has no equal. The new T-5500PRO is capable of removing VCT, carpet, ceramic, hardwood, roofing material, sports courts, and just about any other flooring material. Power, solid design, reliability, ease of operation, and the experience to back it up make the T-5500PRO the only choice for the serious contractor.


Benefits of the Terminator T-5500PRO Floor Removal System:


  • Ergonomic handle controls for all operations
  • Head light for improved visibility
  • Meets tier 2 CARB & EPA emissions standards
  • “Cool Flow” hydraulics for consistent performance
  • Up to 1,745 ft. lbs of wheel torque
  • Hinged hood and door panels for easy access
  • Quick change angle adjustment jaw for improved performance and weight distribution

Bartell T5500 Pro Propane Powered Ride On Floor Scraper

C$75,734.99 Regular Price
C$68,849.99Sale Price
    • Battery: 12VDC
    • Working Width: Up to 26″ (66cm)
    • Length: 66″ (168cm)
    • Width: 27.5″ (70cm)
    • Height: 60.5″ (154cm)
    • Weight: 2943lbs (1337kg)
    • Removable Weight: 870lbs (395kg)
    • Weight – machine only: 2073lbs (942kg)
    • Extra Weight Pack: 800lbs (362kg)