This paticular plate compactor in the C-Value Plate series is very unique. The C-120 provides the same 40 cm compaction depth as the HC-120 but for a much more conservative price. This model enables you to get Reversible Plate Compactor type compaction without the Reversible Plate Compactor price tag. 


  • The 245 lbs coupled with its double belt system enable the compactor to generate a bigger force which in turn achieves better compaction than its lighter counter parts.
  • The guide handle enables vibration damping which in turn results in less operator fatigue. 
  • Tough, wear resistant base plate offers durability and shock resistance.
  • High travel speeds and easy to maneuver.
  • Ergonomically designed lifting handles make loading and unloading from transport vehicles easier for the operator.
  • Specially designed exciter bearings reduce maintenance and improve productivity.

C-120 18 Inch Commercial GX200 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit

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    • Weight: 110 kg
    • Power: 5.5 hp
    • Speed: 30 cm/s
    • Frequency: 4500 vpm
    • Power kn (pound-force): 20.0 (4496.17 lbf)
    • Compaction Depth: 40 cm