The PME-C160 9 Hp Reversible Plate Compactor has high operating comfort, optimal compaction results and sturdy quality. This machine is slightly more expensive than its counterpart the C-125. However, this can be attributed to the more powerful Honda GX270 9 Hp engine, lower maintenance cost and expected longevity. 




  • The operator’s low exposure to hand/arm vibrations, optimized running qualities and high gradeability assure maximumoperating comfort. 
  • High centrifugal forces and the hydraulic control for infinitely variable forward and reverse travel are the basis for an optimum compaction of almost all materials encountered in earth works. 
  • The durable and rugged quality manifests itself in many details, such as the well-built engine protection frame with additional cover, self-adjusting centrifugal clutch and of course the 12 months manufacturers warranty. 
  • Cable hydraulic system for Forward & Reverse.
  • Quick service as all maintenance components are easily accessible.
  • Safe and quick loading thanks to the large lifting hook.
  • Optimum operating convenience due to the height-adjustable and low-vibration guide bar. 




This machine is ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction. Optimally suited for a variety of compaction applications due to high travel speeds and ease of maneuverability. Guide handle with patented vibration dampening increase operator comfort and reduces fatigue. Tough baseplate is extremely durable even under extreme conditions. 

PME-C160 Commercial Honda GX270 Reversible Plate Compactor

C$4,499.99 Regular Price
C$3,999.99Sale Price
    • Weight: 155 kg
    • Speed: 25cm/s
    • Frequency: 4000 vpm
    • Power kn (pound-force): 30.5 (6856.67 lbf)
    • Compaction Depth: 50 cm
    • Plate Size: 19 x 28 in