The DFS500 Honda 13 HP Semi-Automatic Concrete Asphalt Floor Saw is the HOC's top of the line semi-automatic walk behind saw. It was designed with a clear focus on ergonomics, making it ideal for small to mid-sized jobs.


The handle is adjustable which means a great guarantee for the ergonomic working position. A professional floor saw road cutter for light cuts and repair jobs in concrete and asphalt. The significant friction generated in cutting hard substances like concrete requires the blades to be cooled to prolong their life and reduce dust.


Ideal for short-run slab cutting, crack control joints, patching, trenching and traffic loop installation, this 18" saw can help complete your job safely and efficiently. This floor saw has smooth operations and precision controls.




1. Easy to operate: productive and professional with supreme weight distribution and stability.

2. New design: heavy-duty performance but with a compact design

3. Less vibration in usage: engine and blade are mounted well. The mounting system provides comfort and gives the wonderful cutting performance.

4. Adjustable handles: for a better and closer position to the cutting side. It can help the machine cut floors easier in alignment and straight.

5. Protect to saw blades: the saw blades can be raised and lowered smoothly by a spindle. Also, the blade guard equipped. It extends the service life of saw blade, decrease the risk of wrap, being out of shape and other damages in using.

6. Front guide in floor saw: it helps to cut in straight line.

7. 25L water tank: large capacity helps to reduce interruptions in work. Nozzle helps to water smoothly. 

8. Standard flange spraying: provide a longer service life for diamond blades.

9. Equipped with standard saw blade flange.

10. Includes: 18 Inch diamond blade

DFS500 Honda 13 HP Semi-Automatic Concrete Asphalt Floor Saw

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