The House of Contractors Inc. ELEP15(LI3) Electric Lithium Powered Pallet Jack features an adjustable powered speed drive and power lifting allowing the operator to effortlessly lift and transport materials weighing up to 3307 lbs. This Electric Pallet Jack features a 24V/20Ah powered drive, an electromagnetic automatic disk brake system, and a three position (lift, lower, neutral) powered handle and digital battery meter. Ergonomic handle houses forward/reverse buttons, a safety horn and 2 kill switches. Travel speed is 4.5 km/hr empty and 4.2 km/hr loaded. One maintenance free Lithium Ion removable 20V/20Ah battery, a external 120V charger, and battery discharge indicator come standard with the unit.


Often pallets/skids have too much wood on the bottom causing the pallet/skid to break when being maneuvered by a pallet jack. This is caused by pallet jacks having two front wheels. The ELEP15(LI3) has been upgraded to avoid this issue. The ELEP15(LI3) has been meticulously designed to have 1 front wheel on each leg to completely remove the risk of skids breaking while being maneuvered. 




  • Item has only 1 Front Wheel on each side, eliminating the nuisance of breaking pallets/skids
  • Portable Lithium-Battery Pack provides fast and convenient charging
  • Simple, light weight and a small turning radius (55 Inch) make the ELEP15(LI3) ideal for use in extremely narrow aisles
  • Estimated run time per charge: 6 hours
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Travel speed is variable from 0-4.5 km/hr unloaded and from 0 to 4.2 km/hr loaded
  • Electromagnetic disc brake
  • 3 position (lift, lower, neutral) powered handle houses forward/reverse + lifting buttons, safety horn, digitial battery gauge & 1 kill switch
  • Item has been designed to protect sensitive components while simultaneously providing operators a convenient way to conduct maintenance and repair 
  • 120V external plug charger
  • Fully sealed hardened chrome plated lift cylinder
  • Product Video:

ELEP15(LI3) Electric Lithium Pallet Jack 1500 kg (3307 lbs) Load Capacity

C$3,574.99 Regular Price
C$3,249.99Sale Price
    • Load Capacity: 1500 kg (3307 lbs)
    • Outer width: 27 In
    • Inner width: 15 In
    • Length of fork: 45 In
    • Width of fork: 6 In
    • Minimum height relaxed: 3.00 In
    • Maximum height raised: 7.87 In
    • Dimensions: 63.0 L x 27 W x 49 H
    • Weight with battery: 148 kg (326 lbs)
    • Weight of battery: 6 kg (13 lbs)