The Honda Plate series provide a very reliable, proven design and high quality construction. This machine works very well for any confined area soil compaction job. The water tank provides impressive results on hot and cold asphalt. The guide handle enables vibration damping which in turn results in less operator fatigue. The Honda series has set the standard for performance and durability in confined areas such as parking lots, highway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs and abutments. Honda plates are also popular for landscape applications for subbase and paver compaction.


  • High strength and low weight components keep machine weight down and allow for easy handling.
  • Tough, wear resistant base plate offers durability and shock resistance.
  • Water tank models have a large capacity tank that is able to prevent clogging due to its large filter inside the tank. These models include a spray bar to allow for complete water coverage so the asphalt does not stick to the bottom of the plate. 
  • Compact design allows for compaction in narrow spaces.
  • High travel speeds and easy to maneuver.
  • Large capacity water tank leads to improved productivity.
  • Ergonomically designed lifting handles make loading and unloading from transport vehicles easier for the operator.
  • Specially designed exciter bearings reduce maintenance and improve productivity.

HC-60 14 Inch Commercial Honda GX160 Plate Compactor + Wheel Kit + Water Kit

C$1,799.99 Regular Price
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