The PMEPR80 is a must have for compacting large slabs and pavers. 


The HOC Paver Roller is designed to work with all pavers and slabs to effectively work your polymeric sand material into the joints — right down to the bedding layer! The rollers are designed to work on various concrete textures and thicknesses while eliminating risk of cracking, chipping, or damaging, which can happen when using traditional compactors. 




  • Throttle on the handle for convenience & safety

  • 4 rubber coated rollers 

  • Foldable handle for easy storage

  • Durable steel plate body

  • Honda GX160 5.5 HP engine

  • Convenient lifting handles 

  • Built-in hoist hook

  • Virtually no dust when in use


PMEPR80 Vibratory Paver Roller

C$3,999.99 Regular Price
C$3,499.99Sale Price
    • Model: PMEPR80
    • Weight: 76 kg (167.2 lb)
    • Power: 3.5 kw
    • Speed: 38 cm/s
    • Frequency: 4200 vpm
    • Centrifugal Force: 13.2 kn
    • Compaction Depth: 30 cm