The 48-inch, QUM96 trowel range delivers the best results with maximum productivity. The distinguishing feature is a superior steering system that is easy to operate and reduces operator fatigue. In addition, the rigid frame ensures excellent steering control. Combined with the ergonomic 2-lever controls it achieves optimum maneuverability.




  • Kohler CH940 32.5 HP engine
  • High blade speeds in mechanical drive ride-on trowel class offers higher productivity and better finishes
  • Optimum maneuverability due to its balanced power-to-weight ratio and ergonomic twin lever controls
  • Variable clutch offers proper torque and speed range to match concrete conditions without mechanical adjustments
  • Seat adjustment features


Price Includes:


  • Preassembled wheel kit
  • Standard water kit 
  • 2 Float pan
  • 8 Finishing blades

QUM96 Kohler 32.5 Hp 48 Inch Ride-on Power Trowel

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    • Model: QUM96
    • Engine: Kohler CH940 32.5 HP / 3600 rpm Gasoline engine, air cooled, 4stroke, OHV, double cylinder
    • Starting type: Electric starting 
    • Operation mode: Ride-on
    • Working width: 100 inch
    • Working speed: 25 - 140 rpm
    • Fuel Tank: 15.5 L
    • Weight: 450 kg (992.09 lbs)
    • Blade quantity: 8
    • Product dimensions : 100 L x 48 W x 60 H In
    • Product Video: In Progress