When finishing concrete slabs, The House of Contractors Inc. wet screed can fit the demands of every job site with a variety of blade lengths, plus each unit is designed to fit the demands of every operator. It's unique twin handle system is fully angle adjustable offering maximum operator comfort. In addition, two isolators and specialized lower handle mount design reduce vibration to the operator. The squeeze grip handle is also foldable for easy transport and storage. The SJ series is also more cost effective than our WPS series. The screed comes in two engine types.


SJ25 Power Screed - $1299.99 (1-Year Machine Warranty (2-Year Engine Warranty))

SJ35 Power Screed (Honda GX35 Engine) - $1699.99 (2-Year Machine Warranty (3-Year Engine Warranty))



  • Designed to permit a single operator to quickly and easily level and consolidate an entire area.  
  • Multi-adjustable handle to meet operator needs and more efficient handling.  
  • Handle vibration is minimized with impact absorbing mounting system to optimize control and operator comfort.  
  • Superior control is achieved with responsive handle mounted throttle and on/off switch.  
  • High frequency vibration disperses and levels concrete without build-up.  
  • Lightweight easy to transport to and around job site.  
  • Blade design permits cutting and smoothening in a single operation.  
  • Handles are easily removable for storage in vehicles.


Choose an Aluminium Blade Size For Little Additional Cost


  • 6.5 Foot $299.99
  • 8.5 Foot $399.99 
  • 10.0 Foot $499.99 
  • 11.5 Foot $599.99 
  • 13.5 Foot $699.99
  • 16.5 Foot $799.99 

SJ Series Super Lightweight Power Screed

C$1,429.99 Regular Price
C$1,299.99Sale Price
    • Model: Available in Either SJ25 or SJ35 (Honda Engine)
    • Engine: GX16 or Honda GX35 (Both Engines are 4 Stroke)
    • Horsepower: GX16 1.9 hp or Honda GX35 1.6 hp
    • Frequency: 3600 rpm
    • Blade Material: Aluminium
    • Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.65L
    • Weight: 25 lbs
    • Driving system: Flexible shaft