The TZS is our semi automatic walk behind trencher. The machines tungsten carbide chrome teeth, large wheels, Honda GX200 6.5 hp engine and light weight make this model an extremely efficient, reliable and effortless trencher. The machine has been designed and manufactured in Italy.


The TZS trencher enters any garden and improves digging for laying underground water-pipes or electric cables. It achieves this without damaging the lawn and moving the least amount of ground possible.


The TZS cuts are clean and accurate up to the maximum depth, while the machine auger moves the excavated ground along one trench-border.


The adjustable handle bar, compact overall size, engine power and TZS transmission system facilitate the machine use and management by any user, amateur or professional.




  • Trencher is easily maneuverable due to the semi automatic system
  • Trench-speed is elevated: more than 100 linear meters per hour.
  • Adjustable handlebar for increased operator comfort and transport operations
  • Green petrol engine with a silent muffler
  • Mechanical transmission to the trench chain with centrifugal clutch
  • Chain motor transmission greased with oil
  • Teeth are composed of tungsten carbide and chrome
  • Unidirectional and calibrated anti-retraction device during excavation
  • Ergonomic handlebar controls
  • Safety device for stopping the engine by releasing the red lever on the handlebar
  • Excavated ground moved by auger
  • Safety bar for the chain
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

TZS Semi Automatic Honda GX200 Trencher

C$9,499.99 Regular Price
C$8,999.99Sale Price
    • Engine: Honda 200 GX 6.5 HP
    • Fuel: unleaded petrol
    • Trencher with lateral digging
    • Adjustable trench depth from 0 up to 45 cm continuous moving
    • Adjustable trench width: 10 and/or 13 cm with bucket, carbide bit tools or mixed tools
    • Reinforced trench chain
    • Mechanical transmission to the trench chain by means of a special belt with a centrifugal clutch and gear reducer in oil
    • Earth removed by auger
    • Wheels: 15.600 x 6 GARDEN
    • Maximum width: 70 cm
    • Transferring length: 140 cm
    • Trencher height: 80 cm
    • Gross weight: Kg 150 (330 lbs)
    • Product Video: